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FIAMM speaker - FS, 12-24V

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83,30 Eur
50,40 Eur

Description: The FS speaker, which has a ferrite magnet, is suitable for use with the PS10 siren electronic module.

Product code: VYP951053

FIAMM connection cabling to PS10

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40,80 Eur
23,80 Eur

Description: PS10 CONNECTION CABLE for connecting the PS10 electronic unit, with the original Molex connector.

Product code: VYP951057

FIAMM electronic siren PS10 - D STADT LAND

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321,20 Eur
178 Eur

Description: PS10 is an electronic module that was developed and manufactured by FIAMM Italy for emergency and safety vehicles.

Product code: VYP951060