Extended warranty

Extended Warranty Terms

Extend the statutory warranty by 1 or 3 years for selected goods. We will reimburse you for any repairs after the end of the statutory warranty.

This applies to both electronic and mechanical faults after the statutory warranty has expired

We will pay the repair or we will pay you the time price of the goods

When will the extended warranty help you?

The lightbar breaks 2 months after the standard warranty expires.
We will pay for the repair.

The beacon suddenly stops functioning half a year after the statutory warranty has expired and cannot be repaired.
We pay the time price of the goods.

What does the Extended Warranty cover?

The extended warranty covers all common failures covered by the standard warranty. https://www.auto-majaky.cz/s/reklamacni-rad

How much will you pay me in case of failure in the extended warranty?

In the event of equipment failure under the extended warranty, we will pay you for repair. If the goods cannot be repaired, we will pay you the time price of the goods. The time price is the purchase price of the goods reduced by 1% for each month elapsed since the purchase.


Lighthouse for 10 000 CZK with one year extended warranty. Half a year after the expiration of the two-year statutory warranty, the lighthouse terminated its service. After 30 months, his time cost was CZK 7,000 *. In case it is not possible to repair the beacon, we will pay this amount. If possible, you will not pay for repair, diagnostics or spare parts.

* We calculated the time cost as 10,000 Kč - 30 × 0.01 ×  10,000 Kč

How do I order an extended warranty?

For products that can be extended, simply select the desired warranty period in the "Extended warranty" field. You can choose to extend by 1 or 3 years. The price of the goods will automatically increase due to the extra warranty period.

What if I return the goods or make a claim during the legal warranty?

If you decide to return the goods within the statutory 14-day period, we will also refund the amount you paid for the extended warranty. In the event of a claim and irreparable defect within the statutory 24-month period, we will refund the entire amount, including the extension of the extended warranty. If the goods are replaced with new ones, the extended warranty runs further.