LED orange lightbar 120 cm, 12/24V, ECE R65


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The orange LED lightbar is suitable for all types of vehicles due to its size. More

The orange LED lightbar is suitable for all types of vehicles due to its size. It is designed for vehicles where special attention is paid to the warning effect. The thinnest and lightest LED on the market. Special innovations: Aluminum screws are used to mount LED modules. The heat generated by the LED modules is sucked through the screws and transferred to the aluminum base, where it is then scattered by the air passing under the light ramp. This makes it possible to maximize luminance without reducing the lifetime of the LED modules due to excessive heating. This technology is patented. Another innovation is the addition of 2 screw holes at the ends of the ramp. These openings can be easily used eg for mounting cameras or work lights.

  • supply voltage 12-24V
  • power 264W
  • light source: 88 powerful 3W LEDs
  • working temperature: -30 ° C - +80 ° C
  • special dishes for strong warning effect
  • 29 different variants of flashing modes
  • ECE R65 homologation Documents here
  • dimensions: 1200 x 250 x 45 mm
  • waterproof IP68 (dual waterproofing including gas permeable membrane)
  • mounting with brackets directly to the vehicle roof
  • 5m 4-core connection cable
  • connection: cable terminated with free conductors (modes can be switched using rocker switch, or it is possible to order separately SRE911-SKY01)

Color Orange
Length 1200 mm
Homologation EHK R10, EHK R65 TA1
Cover IP68
Voltage 12/24V
Operating temperature -30 °C - +80 °C
Width 250 mm
Traffic director By type
Light intensity levels One level
Height 106 mm
Lightbar height without carriers 45 mm
Connection method Loose wires, The driver can be purchased
Method of attachment Fixed to screws