LED lightbar mini Optima Eco90, 60cm, orange, 12/24V, R65

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Popular Optima lightbar in Eco version. More

Technical parameters:

Light source: 36 X 3W LEDs.

Approval: EHK R10, EHK R26, EHK R65, Documents here

Voltage: 12/24V

Length: 600mm, height 90mm, depth 210mm

Description and gear

-LED 3W diodes

- dual power supply (12/24V)



-Cabling 3m

- Rubber base for mounting

- Possibility to buy magnetic handles


-The lightbar has EHK R10, EHK R26, EHK R65 approval and meets all requirements of the Czech and European road traffic legislation.

-The lightbar is labeled with homologation labels in accordance with legislation and manufacturer.

-We have homologation certificates available to prove the homologation of the product.


Responsible for the vehicle is always the owner or operator of the vehicle. These are responsible for eventually equipping the vehicle with warning lights or other components. Before you buy, find out the legislative requirements for the products you are looking for and make sure they meet these legislative requirements!


For whom the lightbar is intended

This lightbar is suitable for all activities requiring warning lights. It is designed for customers who appreciate low power consumption, excellent LED technology and complete package with mounting accessories.

Color Orange
Length 600 mm
Homologation EHK R10, EHK R26, EHK R65 TA1
Voltage 12/24V
Operating temperature -30°C to +55°C
Width 210 mm
Traffic director No
Light intensity levels One level
Height 120 mm
Lightbar height without carriers 90 mm
Connection method Loose wires, Simple Switch
Method of attachment Magnet, Fixed to screws