Complete offer of Lightbars Mini - Width - 204 mm

Lightbars Mini are the ideal solution for those who appreciate the smaller size of the hazard warning lights. Mini ramps can be used as the main warning device or as an additional warning device. Lightbars Mini are equipped with magnets and some types can be fixed to the vehicle roof.

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Professional orange LED lightbar mini sre2-231M by FordaLiteProfessional orange LED lightbar mini sre2-231M by FordaLite-G

LED lightbar mini orange 12/24V, Magnetic R65

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113,20 Eur
93,55 Eur excl. VAT
Color Orange
Homologation EHK R10, EHK R65 TA1
Cover IP67
Voltage 12/24V
Professional LED lightbar mini suitable for all types of vehicles.