1/ Purpose of warning lights and legislation

Here it is necessary to clarify for what purpose we are building a lighthouse. European and Czech legislation have a very clear idea of ​​what regulations the warning lights have to meet in a particular situation. The beacon used to signal the opening and closing of the door certainly does not need to be as demanding as the beacon used on a vehicle moving in normal road traffic. The beacon used in road traffic must have R65 homologation, no special legislative requirements are imposed on the beacon used for some kind of organizational activity used off the road. If any homologation is required for the purpose of which the beacon you need, you should respect this fact and make the selection of the beacon subject to it.

2/ Installation and positioning of hazard warning lights and legislation.
Again, there is a need to clarify the legislative requirements. In the case of warning lights mounted on a vehicle, for example, legislation requires that they be mounted at the highest point of the vehicle so that at least one can always be seen from anywhere in a horizontal plane 1 meter above the road 20 meters from this light source.
The legislation also regulates the location and number of additional lights. We often find that customers underestimate the equipment. It is not really enough to equip the vehicle with one warning light mounted behind the screen.
Before selecting the hazard warning lights, we also recommend how to fix them. The beacons are usually available in several versions which differ in the way they are fixed. It is based on magnet mounting, fixed mounting on screws and mounting on rod. Legislation here says that magnetic beacons are used to indicate a stationary vehicle and the warning lights should be fixed on a moving vehicle.

3/ What type of hazard warning lights?
Here your selection should take into account requirements such as - How often will the beacon be used? Use with the car engine off and power consumption? Lighthouse lifetime and maintenance?
The basic division today is the classic rotating beacons with halogen lamps and beacons equipped with LED technology. The classic rotating beacons are time-tested, inexpensive and very well visible under all lighting conditions. On the other hand, it is mechanics, maintenance required, high current draw and low lifetime. LED beacons have a higher purchase price, but significantly longer life than conventional halogen and minimal current consumption. Visibility with high-quality LED beacons is visible today
comparable to halogen. If I am looking for a beacon that I want to carry in the car in case of any breakdown so certainly is suitable for me and cheaper type of rotating beacon quality.
If you are a company working daily for hours on the road you need to choose from quality LED beacons. Of course we do not always need the most expensive product and certainly do not want to spend more crowns than necessary, but the beacon for 200 CZK simply does not reach the quality of the beacon for 4000 CZK and this obvious fact needs to be taken into account. As in every segment, too little music pays for little money. High-quality beacons are not only of higher quality materials but in the vast majority they also offer much higher beacons
degree of protection against weather conditions and possible damage from overvoltage, polarity reversal and the like.