Do all the products on your site have homologation?

They don't. In our offer we have different products applicable to different situations. We offer products without homologation, with R10 homologation and R65 homologation. For all products we declare the homologation in the information window in the basic selection of goods and of course also in the details of each product in the parameters tab. For the homologation that we declare for the product we also have homologation certificates proving the homologation.

Does the beacon on the vehicle have to be homologated?

Yes it has to. Regulation 341/2014Sb not only states that special warning lights must be homologated, but must be homologated according to EHK 65. Other names of this standard are ECE 65 and R65. EHK 65 is the Czech name of the approval standard, ECE 65 is the European name of the same standard, and R65 together with the approval number can be found on the product homologation label. The homologation granted in any EU country is also valid in other EU countries. Additional warning lamps shall be approved.

I do not know the regulations and homologations, can you advise me?

Of course. There is nothing easier than to contact us by email or by phone +420 553 038 925. Here we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the responsibility for what you have on the vehicle is up to you. Since the warning lights in many situations clearly have to meet different technical requirements, we do not recommend to choose solely by price. In many cases, this is a safety issue for both your and other road users. If you have no idea what you need, we recommend you to consult us.

What criteria should I choose a suitable beacon?

The basic criterion should be the purpose and use of the beacon. The beacon used to signal the opening and closing of the door certainly does not need to impose such visibility requirements as the beacon used on a vehicle moving in normal road traffic. If any homologation is required for the purpose of the beacon you should respect this fact.

I do not want to buy a hare in a bag, is it possible to see your goods in person?

Yes, it is possible. Goods can be viewed and tested in our warehouse in Havířov on the street Okrajová 2b, 73601. We recommend to arrange a visit in advance on the phone number 553 038 925 due to the fact that not everything on offer at the online shop is at our moment at our establishment .