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Switch round 20A for beacon

On request!
3,40 Eur

Description: Switch round 20 A with red backlight symbol and red indicator light, for power supply voltage 12 V / 20 A

Product code: 47057

Rocker switch 2x LED 12/24V

In stock!
7 Eur

Description: Switch "ROCKER" square with red LED indicator, for power supply 12 V / 20 A - 24 V / 10 A, hole size 37x21 mm.

Product code: 47118

Rocker switch RAMPA 12/24V

In stock!
7,70 Eur

Description: switch ROCKER square with red backlight ramp symbol and RAMPA sign, for power supply voltage 12 V / 20 A - 24 V / 10 A

Product code: 47113